Rule updates made for the 4th season are marked with a blue background.

Chapter I - General Rules

  1. Entry Fees
    • The fee for entering each team into the 8 Ball Pool Rawai league is THB 2,000 per Season.
  2. The players
    • Everyone is eligible to play in the 8 Ball Pool Rawai League. There is no limit on Thai Mens, Girls or "Ladyboy" members for any team.
    • Each team should be able to offer assistance to any bar who may find themselves short of players, spare players are normally reserve, but will certainly play the best they can to help out other teams in need.

Chapter II - Bar prices

  1. Bar prices
    • Regular bar prices will be maintained for game nights.

Chapter III - Games

  1. The teams
    • The home team, where possible should provide a referee, who has the final decision.
    • Teams will consist of 4 players, male or female, and shall each play one game of singles, one game of doubles.
    • Each game played will be best of three frames.
    • Before the game a random draw will be conducted to assign the order of players from Number 1 to 4;
  2. Singles Games
    • No other person or persons should advise or instruct the player while they are playing their Singles game.
    • The referee is the only person who can advise a player, if asked.
    • If a team has a new player then it is the responsibility of that team's captain to advise the player to ask the ref for advice.
  3. Doubles Games
    • The 2 team members playing are permitted to confer with each other during their Doubles Game. They may confer with the referee but other team member during their game.
    • Doubles Games will be played with each team player taking a single shot and play then alternating to the other player in that team until they do not pot their next ball or they make a foul. Then, play is passed to the opposing team.
  4. Bar Leg
    • Bar Leg Games are played with each player of a team taking a single shot, and passing play to the next team member in rotation until they do not pot their next ball or they make a foul. Then, play is passed to the opposing team

Chapter IV - Game rules

  1. The Break:
    • The option to break the 1st frame will be determined by a coin-toss, visiting team calling the toss, non-breaking team will break the 2nd frame. Any 3rd frame determined by a further coin-toss.
    • The player to break is the next player in rotation.
    • At least 4 balls should hit a cushion to be legal, 2 attempts are allowed.
    • If on the 2nd attempt this has not been done, it is a foul break and the opponent can:
      1. Re-rack the balls, and break under the same rules
      2. or have ball in hand and free table.
    • Should the black ball be potted on the break (a golden break), without any other ball, the player will win that game.
    • If the white and black is potted on break, player will lose the game.
    • Re-rack for any other combination.
  2. After A Legal Break
    • Should a ball (excluding black) be potted on the break, the player has a free table, and can continue play. Player must nominate spots or strips he wishes to play until the next legal pot. A clean pot, spot/spot or stripe/stripe plant is legal (potting a spot via a stripe and vice versa would be a foul). If no ball is potted play passes to the opponent with an open table.
  3. Force Majeure
    • Should a ball (with the exception of the black) fall, untouched, into a pocket 5sec or more after a player has completed his shot the on-coming player is deemed responsible for the falling ball e.g. if it is his ball a legal pot, if his opponents ball a foul.
    • If the black falls into the pocket after 5sec or more it will be re-spotted and no foul.
  4. Fouls Major (resulting in loss of game)
    • Accidentally potting black ball during the game
    • Failure to nominate the black ball pocket to win game
    • Potting any ball or if cue ball leaves the table along with potting the black.
    • If 8-ball is jumped off the table.(A ball shall be deemed off the table if it comes to rest other than on the bed of the table.)
  5. Fouls Minor
    • Potting cue ball
    • Cue ball leaves the table
    • Hitting cue ball twice
    • Playing a jump shot with cue ball
    • Missing your object ball or balls
    • Failure of a ball to hit a cushion during a snooker attempt
    • Touching / moving any ball accidentally.
    • A shot where neither cue ball nor any object balls strike a cushion which results in an opponent being snookered. (A snooker is when a player cannot play any part of his object balls by way of a straight line shot. A shot which leaves an opponent snookered is not illegal so long as the cue ball, or any object ball, makes contact with a cushion during the shot.)
    • If the cue ball is touching another ball that ball must not move when striking the cue ball. (If it is his own ball the player is considered to have hit the touching ball once he shoots away i.e. a legal shot).
    • If any object ball is jumped off the table (unless it is the 8-ball, which is a loss of game). Any jumped object balls will be replaced on the table as close as possible to the black spot from the balk cushion along the longitudinal centre-line of the table. (A ball shall be deemed off the table if it comes to rest other than on the bed of the table.)
    • If the cue ball is jumped off the table.
    • Foul by the REFEREE i.e. picking up white ball by mistake – the referee will restore the table to the prior situation or as close as possible i.e. the referee will reposition the white ball to where he lifted it or to as best as HE can estimate.
  6. Penalty
    • When awarded a foul, the player has Ball In Hand and can position cue ball anywhere on the table, they have also an open table, and may play any ball, including the black, in any combination. Should a ball be potted, they can continue play as normal. Failure to pot a ball, the opponent resumes play as normal.

Chapter V - Points & Rankings

  1. Individual Rankings :
    • Players will be awarded a single point for every frame won in a Singles Game.
    • If a player wins their Singles Game without their opponent winning a frame (i.e. 2-0 score) they will be awarded a bonus point.
    • Points scored in Singles Games will accrue to each Player's accumulated total for the Individual Rankings
  2. Team Rankings :
    • Teams will be awarded one point for winning a match.
  3. Bar Leg Rankings :
    • Teams will be awarded 3 points for winning their Bar Leg Game
    • The winner player of the seasons killer pool night will be awarded one point for his team.
    • If a team drops out during the season – All points for all games with that bar (team points and individual points) will be scratched for that HALF of the season.

Chapter VI - Condition of Tables

  1. Match tables must be kept in good condition;
    • It is accepted that most owners make every good effort to keep their tables in good condition and well balanced, however tables should not fall below a level of maintenance required by The League
    • It is also recommended that tables should be kept clean and vacuumed regularly to remove chalk residue from underneath and within the cloth
    • Opposing teams should not be expected to play on thread bare, worn or torn cloths

Chapter VII - Time Management

  1. The starting time for all teams in the league is 19:00 hrs
    • Host team should make their table available to the visiting team for practice from 18:30.
    • Any teams arriving after 19:00 hrs at any venue must start the game without any practice.
    • If the full team fails to arrive by 19:15 hrs. the available players will start. If the available players finish there singles and players a still missing a substitute may be played who will then play the remaining games of the night.
    • If there is no player or substitute available when the remaining singles game is lost. If the player or substitute then arrives they may then enter any subsequent game, if not then that frame is lost as well.

Chapter VIII - Fore Fits

  1. Losing Players
    • Should buy the winner a drink of equal value to his current drink, in compliance with the agreed bar prices. It should be noted that teams have a minimum spend of no less than THB 1000. Team captain/owner must make up any shortfall.
  2. Losing THE BAR LEG
    • When the AWAY team loses THB 500.- will be added to the losing bar owner/captains bill. When the home team loses the home bar buys each of the away team one drink of what they were drinking or a drink of the same value or greater.
  3. Match Cancelation:
    • If a match night is cancelled it must be rescheduled prior to the following game night (at an acceptable time to the opposing team) or the following rules will apply:
      • The team responsible for cancelling will lose 7-0 and points awarded accordingly
      • If the away team is responsible for the cancelation the bar owner must fulfil the "Minimum Spend" of THB 1,000 and the bar leg of THB 500 to the opposing home bar no later than the following game night
      • If the home team is responsible for the cancelation:
        • The away team bar is entitled to 1 free Bar leg drink per player from the home team bar, so long as they visit the home team bar no later than prior to the following game night.
  4. Additional Events During Season
    • Host to be agreed by random draw.
    • New teams joining the league they are entitled to be entered into that season’s draw.
    • No team may host more than one event in a season.
    • Teams hosting an event will not be eligible for the following year draw.