Season 2 Registration Meeting Minutes, February 3rd, 2020

Attending: Sam, Dave, Paul, Eric, Timmy.

Teams: Freedom - Popeye (paid), Freedom Fighters - Kevin (paid), Gasoline (New location) - Kibsy (paid), Kanika (OUT), Kilt'n Haggis - Graham (paid), Maytanee (OUT), Eleven Bar - Por (paid), O's Bar - Malcom (paid), Polly's (OUT), Sir Jack Bar - Bovi (paid) Stoned Crab A - Sam (paid), Stoned Crab B - Sam (paid), Tropical Sands - Andy/Ivan (paid)

  1. Pay THB 2'000.- subs, then you can propose vote, etc. - 10 teams all paid.
  2. Election of :
    1. Chairman: Sam Re-Elected
    2. Treasurer: Dave Re-Elected
    3. Secretary: Paul Re-Elected
      No other nominations
  3. Presentation of accounts - Dave stated what had been received and spent over the year.
    • Income: THB 18'000.- from 9 teams
    • Out goings:
      • THB 1'280.- Stationary
      • THB 500.- Singles night.
      • THB 500.- Doubles night.
      • THB 300.- Art work.
      • THB 2'000.- Champions Trophy.
      • THB 2'100.- Plaque frames.
      • THB 160.- Stationary
      • THB 11'160.- Presentation night.
    • Total: THB 18'000.-
  4. Proposed rules changes
    1. Losing Players: Should buy the winner a drink of equal value to his current drink (capped at THB 150.-), in compliance with the agreed bar prices. It should be noted that teams have a minimum spend of no less than THB 1'000.-. Team captain/owner must make up any shortfall. AGREED
      (Reminder to be sent to all bars that if the visiting team consumed less than THB 1'000.- the HOST bar ON THE NIGHT must ask the visiting team captain/owner to make up the short fall).
    2. Teams hosting an event will not be eligible for the following year draw. AGREED
  5. End of season trophies: As before? AGREED and Stoned Crab won the venue by random draw.
  6. Season start: First game night 10th February. AGREED
  7. Additional events to be organized by the committee will be:
    • Best of the Best Singles? AGREED and Tropical Sands won the random draw.
    • Best of the Best Doubles? AGREED and Freedom Bar won the random draw.
    • No other suggestions were tabled.
  8. Rules and Fixtures to be printed and laminated, each bar to receive a copy: Players can switch teams? AGREED
  9. Posting of results to be explained. Done
  10. Sponsorship:
    • Viking bar (Tee shirts) - Supplier still to be decided
    • Pinky's Massage and Spa for Logo on Tee Shirts. (THB 3'000.- Cash to club funds + Vouchers for use as prizes through the season) AGREED
    • Additional sponsorship agreed from Kevin (LIME Branding) - Donation to be added to club funds.
    • Some bars have proposed event funding:
      • Stoned Crab (Sam) will again sponsor THB 1'000.- to Best of the Best competition nights.
      • Freedom (Popeye) will again sponsor THB 1'000.- to Best of the Best competition nights.
      • All members are invited to propose suitable sponsors. - No further suggestions.

New business:

  • Proposal to follow Thursday league rules with regard to switching players during the doubles. - Agreed we would continue as is for a further season as this rule was brought in to even out exceptional players dominating a fun night.
  • Proposal to restrict player switching. - As we have an even number of teams this year there will not be an opportunity for team captains to switch players. It was therefore agreed we would continue as is but core players would be expected to stay with their starting team.

Summary of meeting: Presented and agreed

Proposed date of next meeting: Next meeting game night 7:30pm Monday 10th February at schedule to be distributed this week. AGREED

Meeting to draw the bars that will host the end-of-season games, November 19th, 2019

The results of the draw are:

  1. Presentation Night (27th Jan)
    • Winner Freedom Fighters
      Note: To help share this main event of the year around the member bars Freedom Fighters will not be entered into next years draw for this event.
      (Having just won the main event of the year Popeye from Freedom Bar kindly volunteered to withdraw both his teams from the following competition night draws).

  2. Best of the Best Singles Competition (13th Jan)
    • Winner The Stoned Crab
    • 1st Reserve Tropical Sands
    • 2nd Reserve Polly's Bar
    • Each bar to nominate their best player (normal singles rules).
      Prize THB 1'000 bar voucher (Donated by 8Ball pool Rawai & Stoned Crab)

  3. Best of the Best Doubles Competition (20th Jan)
    • Winner Maytanee Bar
    • 1st Reserve Kanika Bar
    • 2nd Reserve Gasoline Bar
    • Each bar to nominate their TWO best player.
      To encourage an evening of friendship these nominees will then be randomly selected to form 9 doubles teams (normal doubles rules will then follow).
      Prize THB 1'500 bar voucher (Donated by 8Ball pool Rawai, Maytanee Bar & Freedom Bar)

Meeting participants

Meeting participants

Minutes of the Meeting, July 26, 2019

Attending: Sam (Stoned Crab), Paul, Dave, Eric, Jum (Maytanee), Billy & Fuzz (Tropical Sands), Popeye & Kevin (Freedom), Gypsy (Gasoline), Polly & Paul (Polly's) Thong (Mango), Graham (Kilt'n Haggis), Phil (Roses), Hannes (Holiday's).
Apologies: None

Introduction and welcome by Sam:

  • The objective of tonight will be enrollment of teams and election a committee to run 8 Ball Pool Rawai, The Friendly League.
  • We will also discuss rules of play, bar prices, minimum spend, Beer Leg fore fit, season start, posting of results on Messenger, additional events throughout the season, end of season presentation night and sponsorship

Matters arising:

  • Billy (TropicalSands): We need to have the proposed rules and costs explained before agreeing to enroll and/or pay of subs.
  • Sam (StonedCrab): Subs will be THB 2'000, Rules as played previously in Rawai but can be tweaked, Rules and Fixtures to be printed and issued to each bar, regular bar prices will be proposed but open for discussion, Minimum spend, etc. as before, First game night 26th August.
  • Hannes (Holiday's): Which night will be game night?
  • Sam (StonedCrab): Game night will be Monday.
  1. Subscription:
    • 9 Teams registered and paid their subs : StonedCrab, Maytanee, Mango, TropicalSands, Freedom, Freedom Fighters, Gasoline, Polly's, Kilt'n Haggis.
  2. Election of committee:
    • Sam, Dave and Paul proposed for respectively positions of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. All registered teams accepted the proposed committee. There were no objections and no counter proposals.
  3. Rules:
    • Regular bar prices. Agreed
    • Minimum spend same i.e. THB 1'000/Team/Night. Agreed
    • Losing team of the Beer Leg will pay THB 500. Agreed
    • Rules will be compiled by committee, printed, laminated and presented to each bar along with and Fixtures list. Agreed
    • Notifying the committee of game night results will be via Messenger. Agreed (All registered teams were invited to the Messenger “8 Ball Pool Rawai Score Board” group).
    • Players can freely switch teams. Agreed
    • During the doubles games successive shots will be taken turnabout by the playing team. Agreed
  4. Additional Events:
    • During the season additional events will be organized. No Prizes, no points, just fun. Agreed.
    • Sam proposed Mix and Match Doubles on a Wednesday night every month. Billy (Tropical Sands): A fun night
  5. Trophies:
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best male, best female and winning team cup. Agreed.
  6. Sponsorship:
    • Sponsors negotiations are ongoing. Some bars have proposed event funding. All members are invited to propose suitable sponsors.
    • Sponsorship of the winning team cup was offered by Sam (Stoned Crab) and Billy (Tropical).
    • A possible sponsor and introductions were offered by Paul (Polly's bar).
  7. Matters arising:
    • Chairman (Sam): If during the season one team is seen to be dominating what would the members want committee to address this and if so how. The consensus was that we should wait and see what happens during this first season.
    • Selection of playing order: should this be a random draw or should the away team have the choice of who plays who. The aim of this would be to introduce some team tactics in to the game e.g. putting their best player against the opposition’s best player. It was agreed this should be left as a random draw.
    • The Beer Leg will be known as the Bar Leg. Agreed
    • Breaking in the 3rd frame of the Bar Leg will be decided by a coin toss. Agreed
    • Late arrival of a player or players on game night. If a player or players do not arrive in time for their game it is proposed that they lose that game 2:0 plus any team games they have not arrived it time for. All possible games may be played whilst waiting for late arrivals. Agreed
    • Location of the end of season party will be selected by random draw. Agreed
    • In future bars will only be entered into the end of season party draw after participating for 3 consecutive years. Agreed.
    • All subs left over at the end of the season will be used for the end of season party. Agreed

Dates for Diary:
Next meeting GAME NIGHT 8:00pm Monday 26th August. The fixture schedule and rules will be delivered to your bar the week before.
Last day for registration 12th August.

Meeting closed at 22.00

Minutes of 8 Ball Pool Rawai, Foundation Meeting, July 12, 2019

  • Attending: Sam (Stoned Crab), Paul, Dave, Popeye (Freedom), Malcom (O's Bar) Jum (Maytanee), Noony (Mango), Billy, Fuzz (Tropical Sands), Uodo (Diligaff), Eric, Jig.
  • Apologies: Kevin (Roses), Thong (Mango), Graham (Kilt'n Haggis).

  • Introduction by Sam: Our objective will be to meet every Monday for the pleasure of playing Pool with the aim of having fun and friendship.
    • Registration of Bars up to and including the 12th of August 2019.
    • Fees proposed at THB 2'000.-/team.
    • Regular bar prices. Minimum spend same i.e. THB 1'000/Team/Night.
      Losing team of the Beer Leg will pay THB 500.-
    • The season will end with a presentation night consisting of 6 trophies and free buffet.
    • All members are invited to propose suitable sponsors. There are already some sponsors lined up and some bars have proposed event funding.

  • Matters arising:
    • Billy (Tropical Sands) - Travel to be limited to Rawai i.e. Chalong Circle but no further. Fun no silly rules and arguments.
      Printed rules must be made available but primarily fun.
    • Popeye (Freedom) - Players can switch teams.
    • Billy (Tropical Sands) - During the season it would be good if there were additional events organized by the committee e.g. Top player play off’s.
      Play on different night as well as Monday or a separate night altogether.
    • Fuzz (Tropical Sands) - Happy to play any night.
    • Noony (Mango) - Two different leagues playing on a Monday. How can Mango accommodate this???
    • Eric - Scheduling of the game nights on different nights no problem for him.
    • Jig - 4 Alternative nights are available why pick Monday?
    • Sam (Stoned Crab) - Several bars not keen on RPL rules and complexity.
    • Dave - Wednesday league is closing. We can see if Wednesday is suitable. (Support for this option was expressed by Mango, O's Bar and Tropical Sands).
    • Billy (Tropical Sands) - It would be beneficial for his bar to play in different leagues on two different nights.
    • Fuzz (Tropical Sands) - Clarification - Happy to play any night but only one night per week.
    • Malcom (O's Bar) - Leave open. Wait until RPL rules are advised on 21st of this month (Specifically the split league rule).
    • Sam (StonedCrab) - RPL rules do not suit everyone.
    • Fuzz (Tropical Sands) - Tropical lost every game in the RPL "A" league. Not fun.
    • Sam (Stoned Crab) - Mark(Islander) asked about our intentions towards sponsorship. We have no current specific sponsorship plans but feel sure individual bars will continue supporting charities as they have before. We commend RPL for the good charity work they carry out.
  • Dates for Diary:
    • 26th July - Next meeting at Colombo Bar and Restaurant.
    • 12th August - Last day for registration.
    • 26th August - First game night.

    Meeting closed at 21.30


Under the name of 8ball pool Rawai has created a new Pool league in August 2019. This new Pool league in Rawai is fun and relaxed.
The pleasure of being able to meet every Monday for the pleasure of playing Pool.
There are of course rules of play, but a great freedom concerning the models of tables or T-shirts.